Bakery Information
Image © Zynga
Cost Sell Price Collectibles
Coins-icon 200 coins Coins-icon 10 coins Just Desserts
Supply Total Profit
Goods-icon 10 goods Coins-icon 40 coins
Size Build Cost Requires
3x3 Energy-icon 2 energy Level 1
Population-icon 1 population

Bakery is one of the businesses in CityVille. It costs Coins-icon 100 coins and are supplied with Goods-icon 10 goods that generate a total profit of Coins-icon 40 coins

Construction Edit

Bakeries take a 3x3 space and are built in 2 stages costing a total of Energy-icon 2 energy plus an extra Energy-icon 1 energy for the inauguration.

Collection Edit

Collecting profits on the Bakery have a chance of wielding a collectible from the Just Desserts Collection.

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