The Housing category contains a variety of buildings that increase the population of your city and can be harvested in a timely basis for coins and experience.

Housing-menu Build Menu
Cozy Cottage-icon
Cozy Cottage
Family Townhouse-icon
Family Townhouse
Country Home-icon
Country Home
Suburban House-icon
Suburban House
Loft Apartments-icon
Loft Apartments
Modern Chateau-icon
Modern Chateau
Lake House-icon
Lake House
Terraced Brownstone-icon
Terraced Brownstone
Stylish Contemporary-icon
Stylish Contemporary
Apartment Complex-icon
Apartment Complex
Ranch House-icon
Ranch House
Upscale Condos-icon
Upscale Condos
Colonial Chalet-icon
Colonial Chalet
Hotel Suites-icon
Hotel Suites
Sprawling Mansion-icon
Sprawling Mansion
Skyscraper Condos-icon
Skyscraper Condos
Glass Condos-icon
Glass Condos
Atrium Lofts-icon
Atrium Lofts

Collection-menu Collection Rewards
For detailed information see: Collections.
Newlywed House-icon
Newlywed House
From: Bridal

Daily Rewards-menu Daily Rewards
For detailed information see: Daily Rewards.
Penthouse Tower-icon
Penthouse Tower

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